From a time of industrial and creative revolution followed by nearly 130 years of ceaseless ambition staying true to the origins of the iconic Speyside Style

Longmorn has waited for its time to come.

A hand holding a glass of whisky with a bottle of 18 Year Old Longmorn Whisky


Longmorn’s founder John Duff laid the foundation for a legendary vision, a product that travelled well beyond the cask. Having matured at the height of industrial and creative revolution, Longmorn Distillery represents the embodiment of the adventurous spirit and ambition of its founder, who himself was inspired by this time of immense innovation.


It was this obstinate ambition that compelled John Duff to build Longmorn its own railway to import ingredients and export its product worldwide. And it is out of loyalty to these long-standing, time-honoured principles that throughout its history, amongst enormous societal change and upheaval, Longmorn’s quiet dedication to its liquid has withstood the tests of time.


Embodying an unwavering faith in its process, remaining constant and unrelenting, sharing an unrivaled taste and story to match.


A reverence for its roots lies at the heart of Longmorn’s unimpeachable heritage. It is the truest to the classic Speyside Style. An icon of its origins.

A legend of its land. Authentically upholding an enduring ethos with an unrivalled integrity. Drawing water from deep under our distillery’s doors, the soul of Speyside runs through every drop.


Longmorn’s history is one of endless expertise. But it is an expertise that has been earned the hard way through the ambitious innovation and experimentation of its pivotal pioneers of the past. From the globetrotting entrepreneurial founder, to the architect inspired by design from distant lands, to the Speyside apprentice who became the master of Japanese whisky. Longmorn tells a story of proven masters committed to their craft.

A womans hand holding a bottle of 22 Year Old Longmorn Whisky
A woman in purple holding a glass of whisky next to a bottle of 22 Year Old Longmorn Whisky


Patiently aged in the finest American Oak casks for warmth and nuance, creamy toffee notes reveal and an elegant finish, unmatched in its refinement and flavour.